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Scull Case


A rigid carrying case that will protect your sculls during travel, shipping or storage.

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Concept2´s Scull Case (sculls not included) is a rigid carrying case that will protect your sculls during travel, shipping, or storage:

  • Fits one pair of sculls (or two pairs with the collars removed)
  • Telescopes to accommodate a range of scull lengths up to 300 cm
  • Rolls easily on wheels at one end, or can be carried with central handle
  • Eliminates the need for non-reusable packing materials
  • Bright C2 green color will ensure that it never gets lost at the airport!

 If ordered with a new set of sculls, we´ll use it to ship the sculls to you, saving both cardboard and shipping cost. To order the scull case in addition to a pair of sculls, please phone your order in to 800.245.5676 Monday–Friday from 7:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. ET.

Dimensions and Weight


*Determining Length: The Scull Case can accommodate sculls up to 300 cm (118 in) in length. The length of the Scull Case with sculls depends on the length of your sculls. (If you have adjustable length sculls, you may want to adjust them to their shortest possible length prior to shipping.) To determine the length of the Scull Case with sculls, add 2 in (or 5.1 cm) to the overall length of your sculls.

**Fitting Two Pairs of Sculls: In order to fit two pairs of sculls in the Scull Case, you must remove the collar from each scull.

Empty73 in13 in6 in17 lbs
185.4 cm33.0 cm15.2 cm7.7 kg
With Ultralight ScullsOne pairTwo pairs**
 Varies*13 in6 in24 lbs31 lbs
33.0 cm15.2 cm10.9 kg14.1 kg
With Original ScullsOne pairTwo pairs**
 Varies*13 in6 in26 lbs35 lbs
33.0 cm15.2 cm11.8 kg15.9 kg
With Low Inertia (Low i) ScullsOne pairTwo pairs**
 Varies*13 in6 in23 lbs29 lbs
33.0 cm15.2 cm10.4 kg13.2 kg