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Suede Replacement Patch for Scull Grip

A self-adhesive microfiber suede patch for replacing the suede on a 5cm adjustable scull grip. For use on sculls that feature the Length Adjustment system. Available in two diameters: thin and medium**; see photos* and more information below for how to determine what you have.

Important! Be sure to specify a diameter (under "Which diameter? Please choose.") when purchasing this part.

More details


  • Thin (32 mm)
  • Medium (34.5 mm)

More info

This suede patch is meant to be applied directly to medium or thin green scull grips, once the existing patch has been removed.

Be sure to select the correct patch for the grip that you have. To determine which diameter you have, note how the grip looks before you remove the suede patch: if there is a band of green visible between the suede patch and the adjustment clamp (grip base), you have the medium grip. If no green band is visible, you have the thin grip. Refer to photos* above for examples.

You can also measure the patch once it's removed from the grip to determine its size. Refer to the following dimensions:

  • Thin suede patch: 3.89 in x 5 in (9.88 cm x 12.7 cm)
  • Medium suede patch: 4.245 in 4.765 in (10.78 cm x 12.1 cm)

Patches are sold individually. Purchase one for each grip you need to replace.

*Photos shown above with patches installed on grips are for informative purposes only. Adjustable grips are sold separately.