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Chain Idler Pulley

Chain Idler Pulley


For use with Model C, D and E Indoor Rowers. These are the 1¼" diameter urethane pulleys that the chain runs over inside the indoor rower. There are two per machine: one is part of the traveling pulley (part number 1756); the other is mounted on a stationary axle and has two chain idler spacers (part number 1305) to keep it properly aligned. See more info.

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More info

On the Model C Indoor Rower (in production from 1993–2003) this part was originally made of hard white plastic. When these older pulleys wear down, they get a "toothed" appearance from the chain. The new urethane pulleys will last longer and are quieter than the old white plastic pulleys. When replacing the chain idler pulley on the stationary front axle, an unpatched screw, part number 1248 (ordered separately) can make the job easier.

Chain Idler Pulley Replacement
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