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SkiErg 2

These items are compatible with the SkiErg 2, manufactured from August 2014–present (shown below with optional floor stand).

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  • $220.00

    For use with the black SkiErg, our floor stands provide an alternative method of supporting the SkiErg if wall mounting is not an option. A floor stand makes the SkiErg free standing, allowing you to use the SkiErg anywhere. Offered in two widths: standard and wide. See more info. ***SkiErg sold separately.***

  • $90.00

    For use with the Concept2 PM5, PM4, PM3, PM2+ and PM2 monitors. The Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor with Soft Strap has Bluetooth® and ANT+ technologies for displaying heart rate data on the Performance Monitor.

  • $69.99

    For use with Concept2 PM5s and most PM4s (read below). Garmin Comfort chest belt for displaying heart rate data on the Performance Monitor.

  • $25.00

    Our device holder keeps your smartphone or tablet securely in place. Fits everything from small smartphones to large tablets, such as the iPad Pro. Adjusts quickly and easily. Compatible with the SkiErg2 (the black SkiErg manufactured from August 2014 to present). Not included with new SkiErg purchases. SkiErg and floor stand sold separately. Devices not...

  • $5.50

    The Android Connection Kit is used to connect a PM to an Android device for using software such as ErgData.

  • $3.50

    For use with the black SkiErg. The SkiErg Handle Hooks attach to both sides of the SkiErg near the monitor and hold the SkiErg handles in place lower on the machine so that the handles are within reach for people using the SkiErg from a wheelchair or seated position. Included with all SkiErgs manufactured 7/10/23 to the present.

  • $3.00

    For use on the Concept2 SkiErg. This label illustrates the recommended SkiErg technique for the double-pole or alternating arms motion. Place on the front or the side, just below the Performance Monitor.

  • $1.00

    For use with a PM5, PM4 or PM3, the Smartphone Cradle slides onto the top of the PM to provide a place to set your mobile device while using the indoor rower, SkiErg or BikeErg. A Smartphone Cradle is included free with the purchase of every SkiErg. All RowErgs and BikeErgs come with our Device Holder.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items