Model E
Accessories listed here are compatible with Model E Indoor Rowers (manufactured from August 2006–present).

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  • $290.00

    Add an on water feel to your Model A, B, C, D or E Indoor Rower with the Concept2 Slide!

  • $155.00

    If you already have a pair of Concept2 Slides and want to be able to link two or more indoor rowers together to simulate a "double" for great team training, you can purchase a spare slide (one slide, as pictured).

  • $85.00

    To use Polar equipment for heart rate monitoring on your indoor rower with PM2, PM2+, PM3 or PM4, this kit is what you need. NOT FOR USE WITH THE PM5.

  • $80.00

    This is a box of 25 LogCards at a discounted price—great for rowing coaches or health clubs where more LogCards are needed.

  • $76.25

    Water-resistant covers for Model E Indoor Rowers.

  • $55.00

    The Indoor Rower Floor Mat is made out of 3/16 inch (4.5 mm) thick black synthetic rubber (PVC) and measures 8.2 feet by 2.6 feet (250 cm by 80 cm). The mat can be used on any surface and helps protect the floor as well as eliminate slippage. ATTN: CANADIAN CUSTOMERS—Please see more info regarding brokerage charges.

  • $25.00

    If you already own a Polar™ or Polar compatible heart rate chest belt transmitter and would like to enable the PM2/PM2+/PM3/PM4 heart rate monitoring function on your Concept2 Model A, B, C, D, or E Indoor Rower, this Concept2 Heart Rate Receiver is what you need.

  • $10.00

    The Android Connection Kit is used to connect a PM3 or PM4 to an Android device for using software such as ErgData.

  • $6.50

    For use with PM3s and PM4s installed on indoor rowers. The paper-free way to keep track of your training, this smart card captures your workout data directly from the Performance Monitor. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE PM5.

  • $5.50

    For use with PM3, PM4 and PM5 monitors. For use with PM3, PM4 and PM5 monitors. USB cable for connecting your PM3, PM4 or PM5 to a computer to use the Concept2 Utility software as well as third-party software, such as RowPro. Measures approximately 14 feet long.

  • $5.00

    The Android Cable is used to connect a PM3 or PM4 to an Android device for using software such as ErgData. Important: See more info for System Requirements prior to purchase.

  • $4.00

    This is a 3-ounce bottle of 3-IN-ONE® Multi-Purpose Oil. Recommended for lubricating the chains on Concept2 Indoor Rowers.

  • $3.50

    For use with Model A, B, C, D, E and Dynamic Indoor Rowers. A bit of extra padding for the indoor rower. Die cut out of 3/8" foam, and self-adhesive backing for easy installation.

Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items