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Box of 25 Indoor Rower LogCards

Box of 25 Indoor Rower LogCards


This is a box of 25 LogCards at a discounted price—great for rowing coaches or health clubs where more LogCards are needed.

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We include one LogCard with every new PM3 or PM4 monitor, whether it is on an new Model D, Model E or Dynamic Indoor Rower, or with a PM3 or PM4 upgrade kit for your older Concept2 Indoor Rower.

With the LogCard, you can easily and automatically record your workouts, track your progress and transfer your workout data to a computer. The "smart," portable LogCard also allows you to program and store your own favorite workouts for instant set-up. Each LogCard can store information for up to five different users and stores approximately 300 workouts for each user. Comes with a protective Tyvek® sleeve.

Important Notes:

  • Not compatible with PM1, PM2, or PM2+ monitors.
  • These LogCards are specific to Indoor Rower Performance Monitors. They will not work on SkiErg Performance Monitors.