Canadian Taxes and Brokerage Fees

Shipping costs displayed in this shop for Canada do not include Canadian taxes or brokerage charges. All shipments to Canada are subject to these additional fees.

UPS Shipments

Orders valued at USD $300 or more ship via UPS. Your shipment will be subject to the same sales and/or goods and services taxes that the province or territory to which you are shipping typically collects. The amount of tax assessed will be based on the total value of your order. Please refer to your local and federal tax authorities if you have questions on these rates.

Please Note:

  • These are estimates only and are based on the current exchange rate. As such, they are subject to change.
  • Brokerage fees themselves are subject to provincial/territorial sales and/or goods and service taxes; the estimates listed here do not include these taxes.
  • The estimates listed here are for the brokerage fee only. They do not include the tax assessed on the brokerage fee itself, nor the sales and/or goods and services taxes assessed on the total order value.
  • Taxes and brokerage fees are based on the total value of your order. If you have items on your order in addition to those listed here, your taxes and fees will be higher.

Estimated Brokerage Fees:

  • Model D RowErg: CAD $106
  • Model E RowErg: CAD $106
  • Dynamic RowErg: CAD $120
  • SkiErg: CAD $106
  • BikeErg: CAD $106
  • Floor Stand: CAD $60
  • Floor Mats: CAD $22
  • Slide (spare): CAD $60
  • Slide (pair): CAD $66
  • Scull Case: CAD $120

Canadian taxes and brokerage fees are payable to the UPS Canada Customs Brokerage Department, not to Concept2. If you have a UPS Canada shipper account these fees will be included in your weekly UPS bill. If you do not have a UPS Canada shipper account, you can either contact UPS Canada to provide payment in advance of delivery or UPS will collect these fees at the time of delivery.

With UPS shipments, you will receive a UPS tracking number by email once your order leaves Vermont.

Postal Service

Orders valued at less than USD $300 (with the exception of the items listed under UPS Shipments above) generally ship via the United States Postal Service, which does not charge a brokerage fee as UPS does. If your order meets this criteria, we will change the shipping carrier to the Postal Service when we process your order. Please note that tracking information is not available for orders shipped via the Postal Service. Transit time usually takes 1–2 weeks from the time of shipment.